Check out my new post on CLOSLER, “Returning to the Medicine of the Heart During a Pandemic.” CLOSLER: Moving us Closer to Osler, is a Miller Coulson Clinical Excellence Initiative out of Johns Hopkins and they have published a number of my essays in the past.

Heart Meditation, David Kopacz (2014)

How can we practice the kind of medicine that we so desperately need right now? Perhaps it is time to return to a medicine of the heart and of the soul.

In this post I look at how we can access the ever-renewable resource of hope and inspiration of the heart during these times when our minds our over-loaded with information and worry. I am trying to find something every day and every week that is positive and hopeful and I’ll be sharing these Daily Inspirations and Weekly Affirmations. Here is a Heart Meditation we can use, but really anything that brings us out of our heads and into our heart and our bodies is so necessary during these times: meditation, exercise, play, laughter, the beauty of nature.

A Heart Meditation

There are many different pathways and many different journeys that can lead you back to your heart. Here is a simple one.

Take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Take a deep breath and bring your focus to your heart.

Remember how the heart works: accepting de-oxygenated blood, giving this to the lungs; accepting vitalized, oxygenated blood from the lungs; then giving away this goodness to the rest of the body. Remember that the heart functions by accepting the “worst” (deoxygenated blood) and giving it away; accepting the “best” (oxygenated blood) and giving it away.

Take a deep breath, feeling with your body and imagination how the heart and lungs are constantly doing transformation.

Take a deep breath, shift your focus from your mind to your heart. Take a deep breath, explore the workings of your heart.

Here is the link to “Returning to Medicine of the Heart During a Pandemic” on CLOSLER. Note that the video link is to a different song than the one I referenced by Ben Lee, “We’re All in this Together.” You can find that video here, along with a lot of other great songs by Ben Lee – who just came through Seattle and played a great show at the Sunset Lounge in Ballard.