Re-humanizing Medicine

Re-humanizing Medicine: A Holistic Framework for Transforming Your Self, Your Practice and the Culture of Medicine

Ayni Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing

Front Cover

This book examines the dehumanizing effects of the reductionism of the biomedical and economic models of medicine. I argue for the inclusion of human evidence as well as scientific evidence in medical practice. In order to treat the whole human being, a physician must first, themselves, be a whole human being. I present a nine-dimensional model of human experience as a framework for the transformational growth of the physician. This model is holistic in the sense that it applies as much to the person of the physician, the person of the patient, the individual physician’s practice and the larger culture of medicine. This holistic framework preserves the truth of the biomedical model in dealing with the material aspects of human being, but it also provides an argument for the inclusion of other, non-material dimensions in medicine.

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