The Art of Becoming Medicine.16

The next two art works from Becoming Medicine: Pathways of Initiation into a Living Spirituality are both done by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow).

The first painting is “When the People Went into the Cave of Existence and Returned as Made People Ceremony.” Joseph often speaks of the True Human and how it is an ongoing process and effort to become a True Human. This painting links the cave as a place of self-connection and transformation, we are still in Chapter 9: Guha: Cave of the Heart.

When the People Went into the Cave of Existence and Returned as Made People Ceremony, J. Rael (2006)

The next painting is “The Vase of Love and Light,” which features a vase with the medicine wheel of the four seasons.

The Vase of Love and Light, J. Rael (2014)

“The ‘c’ in ‘cave’ is pronounced ‘Kay.’ There is a blanket that has been placed over that moment when the people go into a cave, that is why caves were created in the beginning by the original architect, even before goodness. We don’t know who the original architect is. God is a phenomenon that we have created. Kay means to cover oneself up with the blanket of something, getting blindsided. But you have to do that, you have to go in blindsided, covering your vision, you can’t be a visionary unless you go into this darkness. Kay also means the beginning. Something has ended. Kay means something has ended because something has just been born, so the caves in ancient time, the caves over here in Colorado, the metaphor of the caves means a beginning. You are blindsided, you have to be blindsided to go into the caves.” (Becoming Medicine, p. 227, Joseph Rael)

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