Nurture Yourself During the Pandemic: Try New Recipes!

My New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to try at least one new recipe a month. This was even before the pandemic arrived. This has been a lot of fun and my wife fully supports this idea as she benefits from new tasty meals. It is a great idea for the pandemic to take your mind off of all the worry for a bit, develop a new skill, and nurture yourself and your family.

Here is one that was pretty easy and we liked so much I made it a second time this month. It is from Samantha Ferraro’s The Weeknight Mediterranean Kitchen.

The recipe I made today was Mediterrean-Style Baked Omelet with Potatoes and Lima Beans. I substituted rosemary for the mint and I added a side of Brussel sprouts with garlic and onion. Here’s how it turned out, with some ginger kombucha to drink:

Give it a try – dust off an old cookbook, or look something up online.

Another idea, which our neighbor Jane thought of, is getting a group of neighbors together to place a big order for take out from a local restaurant we want to support (this of course depends on your locale’s restrictions regarding travel and if restaurants are open). One person goes and picks up the order and sets it out on Jane’s porch and then the neighbors can stop by and pick up their meals and take them home to eat. We need to think of creative ways to support each other and our communities during this time. Good food, whether a new recipe or an order from a local restaurant, can be very nurturing. We need to care for ourselves & others during this time.

One thought on “Nurture Yourself During the Pandemic: Try New Recipes!

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been cooking instead of eating out during the social isolation period and have enjoyed eating more healthy meals. No MSG or refined sugar in my food has been great. Have fun creating great meals for you and your wife.

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