Publication Date for Re-humanizing Medicine: November 28, 2014!


Here is the front cover of the book, exciting to see it start to take form after so many years working on it…

Here is the link to the publisher page for the book.

I have to start moving into a new phase now, done with writing and on to marketing and promoting the book. Totally new territory. I am going to start looking into conferences and bookstores for public appearances.

The timing of the book is excellent with my work at the VA. There is a national Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation and my book is really consistent with their message. I was just down in Atlanta for the Whole Health: Change the Conversation conference and it was really energizing and helped me to get excited about the work of the book. It will be really interesting to see how the book does once it is out in the world.

In the meantime, I continue my day to day work at the VA. I have started the pilot run of The Hero’s Journey Class, based on the work of Joseph Campbell. It uses mythology and narrative as ways of assisting Veterans in their Return Home. Here is a photo of me at work on this project.

Hero's Journey Reflection

Otherwise, I have a few interesting possible projects on Patient Centered Care and staff wellness in the works. I will be presenting a poster next month at the annual meeting of the American Holistic Medical Association – Connection & Collaboration: Innovations in Patient-Centered Care. The poster is on Collaborative Poetry Writing as a way of engaging patients with psychosis and trauma histories.

I will post more details on the book publication as they are available.

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