“Age of Energy,” lives up to its name!

age of energy

A Review of “Age of Energy,” by the Chicago Underground Duo (2012)

This sixth album by Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor as the Chicago Underground Duo lives up to its name and is full of energy. The 19:56 minute “Winds and Sweeping Pines” starts out spooky, other-worldly, but around 16 minutes in finds a coherence and rhythm, which is reprised on the 4:19 minute “Moon Debris,” which closes the album as a nice bookend. The 10:56 minute “It’s Alright,” is also spooky, with echoes and delays. “Castle in Your Heart,” (4:36) is a bright spot with a sweet, music box-like sound, with xylophone or vibes, kind of like falling asleep after the circus in a patch of sunlight. “Age of Energy,” (6:40) is a blast of sound and power.

This is a strong album, with space to really stretch out in the music. I have to be in the mood for it, but it is good for doing something creative with prolonged focus, like painting. I was doing this the other day while listening to the album and the sun came out after a day of rain and illuminated the canvas and the music just fit perfectly. This album deserves a good review.

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