Launceston and the North of Tasmania

Launceston and the North
Launceston and the North
There were a lot of great birds, I never got tired of trying to photograph different varieties of wild parrots. Also, the kookaburra were very common and made a lot of funny noises, their “laughing.”
Launceston and the North
We spent some time at the Cataract Gorge, a beautiful park with walking tracks right in Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania.
Launceston and the North

The quality of the light was very yellow in a lot of places, maybe it is partly because there are more autumn colours in Tasmania than New Zealand and we aren’t used to seeing the browns, tans, and yellow pallete of colours. We spent a lot of time driving through the countryside and were surprised to see large flocks of cockatoos fosicking in the fields!

Launceston and the North

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