Ending and Beginning

In the past two days I have closed my private practice of 5 years, ended my consulting work at the Developmental Services Center, and finished the last of the Being Fully Human classes.

For the next two months I will not be working as a psychiatrist, but will be preparing for our move to New Zealand and wrapping up things in my office and house. I hope to write some things down while they are fresh in my mind regarding what I have learned in my private practice and my teaching. I would like to work on two book projects I have started that have been languishing due to competing responsibilities, Creating a Holistic Medical Practice and A Holistic Look at Psychiatry. I will let the text for Being Fully Human sit for awhile, but I will come back to that at some point. It is a pretty rough draft as I was writing as I was teaching the class.

This is a strange time of ending my 5+ years of private practice, my 10+ years of working and living in Champaign, and my 42+ years of living in the United States.

My idea for this blog is to provide a place where I can post images and thoughts about my life and work during this time of transition. This will be a work in progress. I have started a few different pages focusing on different aspects of my work: consulting, artwork, private practice. I will add more as appropriate.

In closing, and opening,

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